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Sales Manager Lex: ‘We are a close-knit team that makes fantastic products together’

Working in sales is far more than just knowing all about your own products, as Gpi De Gouwe’s Sales Manager Lex Kersing enthusiastically and extensively explains. “It’s a fantastic job if you love what you do, enjoy working with people and don’t mind being on the road a lot.”

Lex has worked for Gpi De Gouwe since July 2022. With experience in a wide range of positions for various businesses in lots of different sectors, Lex is a true all-round techie. “In my first job, I started as a mechanic at a paving materials factory, but had become technical manager by the time I left. Subsequent jobs followed in propulsion technology, chemical processing installations, packaging systems and processing equipment. I also worked on dispersion pumps and mixing, emulsification and dispersion systems for the food industry. As a result, I have a great deal of knowledge of all kinds of aspects of technology, mechanics and processes,” explains Lex with his typical cheery and down-to-earth demeanour. This knowledge is extremely valuable in his field of sales.

Understanding client processes

Lex’s working week usually starts with a sales team meeting at the Gouda office. He then largely spends the rest of his week on the road, primarily travelling through the Benelux. “Working in sales is a highly varied function. I visit clients, I follow up on quotes, I answer a variety of client questions and I help improve all kinds of processes in, for example, the foodstuffs sector. I also maintain contact with lots of people working in the food industry. It’s a very broad field as it includes practically everything. Besides having to understand technology – in my case at least – it’s vital to get on well with people, have a genuine interest in your clients and understand their everyday reality and practice. Of course, everyone knows what they are selling, so it’s far more important to understand the client’s processes and be capable of adapting to them. Only then can you offer the best possible solution.”

Face-to-face contact

Lex jokes that he travels so much, his car is his mobile office. He tries to visit multiple clients each day, although he says it’s getting increasingly difficult to arrange appointments for visits, often due to lack of time on the clients’ part. In such cases, contact via Teams or WhatsApp is often an option, although he much prefers to speak to clients face-to-face. “I prefer to speak to clients in person at their premises, especially when meeting them for the first time. The conversation is much more jovial and it’s easier to make a connection.”

Close-knit team

Immediately upon his first introductory meeting at the Gouda office, he felt that Gpi De Gouwe was the perfect fit for him: “De Gouwe is a close-knit team that makes fantastic products together. The staff are open to each other’s advice and ideas, they are keen to learn from each other and willing to help each other,” he explains. The freedom and trust he receives from Gpi means a lot to him and he loves the highly challenging nature of his work. “One of the best things about this job is solving process issues in a way that shows clients that Gpi not only wants to sell something, but is also highly driven to provide honest advice and optimum solutions.”

Our ultimate goal

Gpi strives to establish solid and sustainable relationships with its clients. Of course, we love to celebrate successes achieved with our clients, and if something goes wrong, we’re always there for them. Gpi is closely involved and firmly committed to all projects from beginning to end. We are only satisfied when our stainless steel processing equipment works 100% to the client’s satisfaction. “Of course, securing an order is satisfying, although our ultimate goal is to establish solid and sustainable relationships with clients. It’s wonderful when a client tells you that after so many years, they’re still extremely happy with the equipment we provided.”