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Gpi Group is a leading tank construction company specialized in the selling, engineering, production and installation of stainless steel process tanks and equipment and storage tanks up to 15,000 m3. The company presents itself in North-West Europe with smart solutions for better processes at prominent companies that operate globally. We are active within various sectors, including storage, pharmaceuticals, oil, food, dairy and chemicals. With the various operating companies – Gpi TanksGpi Tanks XL, Gpi De Gouwe Process Equipment, Gpi Pharma, Gpi Tanks Poland, Gpi Tanks GmbHGpi Indiaand our own pickling plant BMN – we provide expertise within each field. With over 300 employees, our company operates with offices in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany and India and we have multiple production sites in the Netherlands and Poland.

Our companies

Gpi Tanks
Gpi Tanks specializes in the engineering, production and installation of stainless steel process and storage tanks up to approximately 1,000 m3. Tanks are fully engineered to specification, produced in the factory and transported via road or water transport to the Netherlands and abroad. Gpi Tanks' headquarters is located in Lopik in the Netherlands, in combination with a number of production halls. In Groot-Ammers (NL) there is another factory where tanks can be loaded directly for water transport.
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Gpi Tanks Poland, Gpi Tanks GmbH, Gpi Tanks India
Gpi Tanks also has offices in Germany and India. Gpi Tanks Poland is a self operating company and provides engineering and tank construction from Skarbimierz and Brzeg in Poland, where tanks are produced in the factory and transported by road. Tanks transported by road are usually no larger than 4.2 metres wide and 18 metres long, with a capacity of approximately 250 m3.
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Gpi Tanks XL
Gpi Tanks XL is specialized in engineering and production of extra large custom stainless steel tanks up to 15.000 m3. The tanks are not produced in the factory but directly on site. With innovative and efficient construction methods, multiple tanks can be built simultaneously. The office of Gpi Tanks XL is located in IJsselstein and production 'on site' takes place in the Netherlands and abroad.
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Gpi De Gouwe Process Equipment
Gpi De Gouwe specializes in the engineering and production of made-to-order stainless steel process equipment and installations for companies operating in the food and cosmetic industries worldwide. Gpi De Gouwe's office is located in Gouda, in combination with a production facility. Gpi De Gouwe was formed in 2019 from a merger of Altermij - De Gouwe and Gpi Process Equipment.
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Gpi Pharma
Gpi Pharma specializes in the engineering and production of customized stainless steel process tanks and storage tanks for the pharmaceutical industry in the Netherlands and abroad. Gpi Pharma operates from Gpi Tanks' head office in Lopik. Production takes place in the adjacent production hall.
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BMN specializes in the chemical pickling and passivation of stainless steel products and the grinding and polishing of stainless steel and aluminium. BMN operates with a modern and efficient pickling and grinding hall in Lopik.
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This is important to us

At Gpi we want to be the best in what we do and we can only succeed if we also get the best out of you. Our Gpi employees work as a close team and it drives us to work together and with our clients to achieve the best results.


What are your qualities and how do you get the best out of yourself? We aim to put you in the best position in our company. As a team we combine our strengths and continue to grow and develop together. This way, you can add real value and do work that matters and which is appreciated. Any good ideas on how we can do something better? We are always open to it. 

Develop yourself: from welder to CEO

Would you like to keep developing yourself? We have many opportunities for growth and development in our versatile and international company. One of our CEOs started out as a welder and several former interns now have a challenging position in our business. There are also opportunities for training and education to help you perform and develop at your best.

More than just work

Our work connects us, but of course there is more than that. We are involved with our colleagues on a daily basis and, for example, we take a walk together during the lunch break to catch up or to relax. There is also time for a game of darts or pool. Before or after work, you can exercise together with colleagues in our Gpi gym. And on Fridays there is a social gathering to end the week together.

We get to know each other during the summer barbecue, the christmas party and every year the employee association organises a trip. In previous years, this was a boat trip in the Biesbosch, buggy riding, a balloon flight and in 2019, in honour of the 25th anniversary, we went for a weekend trip to Málaga.

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