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Production supervisor Guno: ‘We’re doing it together’

Guno, with over 19 years under his belt at Gpi, is production supervisor. This means that he is in charge of the production department and ensures that everything works to plan. He is also actively involved in operational activities. But that’s not everything: he also gives advice to the engineers designing the tanks. Thanks to the 19 years plus experience he has gained, he knows exactly what is possible or not. For example, he is able to determine whether specific constructions are viable. Along with the rest of his team, Guno then ensures that the tanks are constructed in exact compliance with the drawings.

Meeting the requirements of the customer

Day-in, day-out, Guno and his team take on the challenge of meeting the requirements of customers with enthusiasm. “I expect the same attitude from my team. I impress upon them that’s it’s not about what we want, but about serving the interests of the customer. The key question that colleagues should be asking themselves every day is: Does my work exceed the expectations of the customer?.”

Gpi’s added value

Gpi’s strength lies in the fact that it does not think in terms of problems, but of challenges. What’s more, at Gpi there is a sense of doing everything together. We are all striving towards the same goal. In doing so, we make no distinction between management and staff: everyone shows a lot of respect and appreciation for each other.

We deliver customised solutions and produce tanks of every shape and size. What’s more, we manage the whole process, from the drawing board to production, delivery and after-service. Simply put, this way we are able to guarantee the very best quality.