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All-round sheet metal worker Pascal: ‘There is freedom and the workplace is enjoyable’

Pascal Dullaart, who has been working in production at Gpi De Gouwe for the last 10 years, is a bright and breezy colleague, always willing to give a helping hand. Joining us from school after a traineeship – “we got on so well together, we just couldn’t part company” – he then followed a youth training scheme, before going on to obtain a succession of sheet metal working and welding qualifications. According to Pascal, his work still presents him with enough exciting challenges and he is more than happy with his lot at Gpi.

Versatility makes the work so rewarding

Alongside his routine work, he also acts as an in-service trainer, involving the welding of certified tanks, though time pressures have meant that he is no longer able to combine this task with his current work. If you ask Pascal what makes his job so enjoyable, his reply is short and simple: the diversity.

Over the last year or so, his expertise has focused on the production of the Batterlines (batter coating preparation systems) at Gpi. “You’re involved from start to finish in the project. That means from the point when design engineers first show you the draft sketches, right up until the moment construction is finalised. Together with colleagues, you set up the frames, build the tanks, arrange the piping and, when all this is in place, everything is assembled and the finishing touches applied.” It gives him great satisfaction to later hear how happy the customer is with the job. “We all depend on each other here, so a satisfied customer is just the icing on the cake”. The fact that he is able to share his experience and expertise with other colleagues, and vice versa, is a decisive factor in the end result. “At Gpi we have the freedom to make quality products to the expectations of the client and as colleagues we know we can all rely on each other.”

Getting the best out of colleagues

For Pascal, delivering quality and having the flexibility to complete the work within the agreed time frame and with the means at your disposal, is what makes working at Gpi so special. Good planning and being able to work with the right equipment and materials are of vital importance. “I’m not only looking at my own work critically, but also use the qualities and know-how of other colleagues too,” explains Pascal. “An enjoyable workplace is always a bonus and there’s certainly no lack of that here.”