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Sales engineering manager Herman: ‘It’s amazing to see a complex project develop into an impressive tank park on location’

At Gpi Tanks XL every project is unique. My work is diverse and interesting precisely because it brings together all disciplines at Gpi and enables us to produce customised solutions geared up to the specific needs of clients.’  – Herman Langerak, Sales Engineering team manager

It was four years ago that Herman Langerak first stepped through the doors at Gpi Tanks. After graduating in Engineering Management, he joined the company as a sales engineer in 2017.  However, since January 1st 2021, the 27-year-old has now taken overall responsibility for the team of sales engineers at Gpi Tanks XL. This is the division of the Gpi group which in the next few years aims to become one of the leading players worldwide in the on-site construction of stainless steel tanks. 

The new team manager explains: “At Gpi Tanks XL we construct large-scale stainless steel tanks on location. This requires an in-depth knowledge of all facets of tank construction. Needless to say, the customer is always looking for the most favourable price and delivery time. We ensure that the match between our project proposition and the customer’s expectations is both realistic and viable. We are able to guarantee customer satisfaction through conscientious planning, transparent communication and competitive pricing.”

As far as the market for storage tanks is concerned, Herman has this to say: “We are noticing a shift in the market. Customers have an increasing need for practical and flexible storage options when it comes to stainless steel tanks. Duplex steel tanks are particularly interesting because of their excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical qualities which allow for smaller wall thicknesses. With 27 years’ experience in stainless steel tank construction, Gpi knows exactly what materials are best and what the possibilities are. What’s more, our in-house team is all-round and able to help the client from start to finish”.

The team of Sales Engineers

Herman and his team members are the clients’ first point of contact for all requests concerning XL projects. At Gpi Tanks XL every project requires a customised, client-specific approach. “The diversity and complexity of finding a solution that meets the wishes of the customer is what makes my work so enjoyable,” explains the sales engineer manager. He adds: “This involves large projects, for example, to which many stakeholders may be committed. It’s not just the tanks that are bigger, but business interests and budgets as well. The tendering process can often get drawn out, sometimes we are involved for six months or more.” Herman admits to finding it difficult to hand over projects and likes to stay tuned into a project over the long-term. “I get so wrapped up in our projects. Sometimes, they take us a whole year to complete. It’s amazing to see a large and complex project emerge from the drawing board and develop into an impressive system of tanks on location”.

Every project is unique

It’s a combination of engineering and commerce, involving all sorts of challenges, from production, planning and supply to logistics. That’s what makes the work so diversified. The projects at Gpi Tanks XL are demanding because they almost always involve large and complex orders. In addition, we work in a wide range of industries, each with its own requirements and peculiarities and that’s what keeps it exciting.” Herman describes his role as manager: “It’s important my team feel involved in all aspects of a project. In long-drawn-out projects for Gpi Tanks XL, attention to detail during the initial phases is instrumental to a project’s success. Of course, as well as hard work, a good team spirit is essential. There has to be scope for a personal touch and a laugh or two along the way.”

Gpi Tanks XL as an employer

Asked about what makes the company unique in the market Herman answers: “When I talk to my friends about my work, in terms of ambition and growth, Gpi appears to be ahead of the rest. This is also reflected in the career opportunities Gpi offers as an employer. It is a fast-growing company with a huge ambition.”