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Production Manager Sander: ‘All pitching in together to deliver a first class job’

Most people would describe Sander Dekker as having a positive mindset. In the seven or so years that he has been working at Gpi, he has been steadily and deservedly climbing up the organisational ladder. “When I stop and think about it, everything has happened so quickly,” he explains. He talks to us enthusiastically about his work for the company. About how he started out as a welder/sheet metal worker in work planning, later became warehouse manager and then assistant technical manager, and is today production manager. He has never shirked a challenge, but, as he cheerfully confesses, “that’s not to say there haven’t been times when I’ve sat down with clients with sweat in the palms of my hands.”

Innovative thinking

From the moment the tanks or other process equipment are requisitioned to their final delivery, his part in the process begins as soon as design engineering passes on the project to production. He is responsible for ensuring that all the necessary documentation is in place, components have been correctly ordered and are available. This enables colleagues in the production unit to carry out their work without any hitches, right up until the moment it is shipped to the customer, and – if also required – the installation and assembly of all the equipment. As well as all these intensive organisational tasks, he also looks after any warranty-related issues and complaints. “The best thing about my work is the innovative thinking required in the production of process equipment and having to resolve any problems that arise. The ultimate aim of course, is a satisfied customer whose expectations have been exceeded.”

When asked to describe Gpi, Sander proudly responds: “We are a knowledge-rich and innovative company that manufactures and delivers high-quality products.” It’s a shame sometimes, he believes, that his role stops when delivery of the product is made, to complete the overall process. “It would be interesting to see how our equipment processes the product or product constituents with one’s own eyes,” Sander muses. After all, he adds, “you can learn a lot from that and apply that know-how to subsequent projects.”

All pitching in together to deliver a first-class job

Sander talks about another interesting aspect of his work at Gpi, “that is, motivating the team to deliver a fantastic product within the agreed deadlines and to the requirements of the customer. The resources to bring about these objectives must also be in place and everyone should enjoy what they are doing in a safe working environment.” This ties in well with Gpi’s own values. “We are an innovative company that is up-to-speed in terms of technology, has a good understanding of market demand, and is committed to the well-being of all its employees. I try to transpose my positivity onto others, because I feel it’s important to go to work every morning with a spring in my step and to return home in the evening with a sense that everyone has done their level best today!”