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Team Leader Service Mark: ‘Everybody’s contribution to the process as a whole is equally vital. This is what makes Gpi so special.’

Gpi’s service doesn’t simply stop upon delivery and installation of processing equipment at the client’s premises. Mark van Klaveren, Service Team Leader, is Gpi De Gouwe’s primary point of contact for the maintenance of stainless steel process equipment, ensuring consistently optimal operation of our installations and guaranteeing continuity of production.

“I love technology. I’m fascinated by how things work, how new technology can be applied in practice and how processes run from start to finish,” says Mark enthusiastically when asked what he enjoys about his job. Mark is the primary point of contact for clients who have any questions about Gpi’s stainless steel tanks or process equipment. And in this line of work, his knowledge and fascination for everything to do with technology comes in very handy!

Background and start at Gpi

As Mark tells his story, it becomes clear that technology has been the centre of his entire working life. He started his career in the luxury yacht building sector, which first sparked his interest in how engines and pumps work in practice. After spending several years working in the service industry for a multinational oil and gas firm, he eventually moved on to a manufacturer of final packaging machines where he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over a number of years. “As a service engineer, you are always on the road and you never know what the day will bring. Clients are simultaneously irritated that their machines are not working but happy to see you come and help them.” Over time, his desire for regularity began to grow and upon seeing a vacancy at Gpi De Gouwe as Service Team Leader, he decided the time was right to strike a better balance between his work life and personal life.

Service from A to Z

“After-sales service is vital to our clients. Nobody wants to see their production line grind to a halt and have to wait for a service engineer to get it running again,” says Mark. He knows from experience that many common problems can be prevented by taking action at an early stage, so it is vital that maintenance is conducted and that spare parts are always in stock. “It’s just like bikes or cars, which also require regular maintenance. When something goes wrong or they’re not running as well as they should, we can usually repair or replace the parts ourselves. However, when it’s a bit too complicated, you call in an expert. The same applies to process equipment,” he explains.

‘Our service doesn’t stop upon delivery’

At Gpi De Gouwe, we love to give clients advice on how to maintain our equipment. “We provide high-quality process equipment and partial production lines and want them to run as effectively as possible for as long as possible. As well as being a reliable partner for everything from design to delivery, Gpi continues to provide high-quality aftercare years into the future,” says Mark.

Our knowledge and experience of how our equipment is used allows us to make accurate predictions regarding when certain parts will need to be replaced or when the equipment should be fully serviced. It’s also vital that our equipment is easy to maintain and Mark often gets involved at a very early stage of the design and construction process to ensure this is the case. “It’s frustrating and time-consuming when you have to change a specific part but you can’t get to it easily.”

Win-win situation

To ensure optimal service to our clients, Mark provides the right spare parts at the right time. “About a year ago, this full-service after-sales concept was still relatively new, although we have gained a wealth of experience since then! Furthermore, we’ve established a win-win situation: by resolving all problems with the equipment for our clients, Gpi gains valuable knowledge about how our process equipment is used in practice. This knowledge can then be used to develop and improve innovative new stainless steel tanks, process equipment and partial process lines.” “Tot een jaar geleden stond deze volledige serviceverlening van zogenoemde ‘aftersales’ nog in de kinderschoenen. Intussen zijn we al een heel eind op weg! Bovendien ontstaat er voor beide partijen een win-winrelatie; we helpen mankementen aan de apparatuur bij de klant te voorkomen en Gpi doet nog meer kennis op over het gebruik van haar process equipment. En deze kennis kan Gpi toepassen bij het ontwikkelen en verbeteren van nieuwe innovatieve rvs tanks, procesapparatuur en deelproceslijnen.”

‘Nothing will stand in our way to find the optimal solution’

In addition, maintaining close contact with clients is a great way of cementing long-term business relationships. “Whenever there are any problems with our equipment, I work together with the client to find the optimal solution and nothing will stand in our way! If necessary, then I or one of my colleagues will visit the client to discuss and solve the problem,” says Mark.


Besides the feeling of trust and freedom that Mark has at Gpi, he also enjoys the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie. “At Gpi De Gouwe, we don’t look at who does what at the individual level. Everybody’s contribution to the process as a whole – from the moment of first contact with a client up to the after-sales service – is equally vital. This is what makes the company so special,” concludes Mark.