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Project engineer Mohib: ‘I want to learn something new every day’

He likes to begin his day nice and relaxed with a cup of green tea. The 37-year-old Mohib Shah started working for Gpi as a project engineer in April 2022. His job means he is in charge of the engineering design for tank construction projects. He is responsible for fleshing out the technical aspects of projects and assisting the engineers in the process. His wife, son (7) and daughter (5) mean the world to him: “They give me the motivation I need every day.”

Due to personal reasons, he had to abandon his degree course in Automotive Engineering whilst writing his thesis. He worked in several positions before eventually finding a job in his chosen field, as engineer for Tebodin. He made rapid progress within the company and after two years held the position of project engineer where he had responsibility for large investment projects. After over 9 years he felt it was time for a new challenge. That’s when Gpi came on the horizon.

Working at Gpi

He already knew Gpi on account of previous collaborations with his former employer. He ended up at Gpi through an agency. Mohib tells us about his first impressions of the company: “I immediately had a good feeling and we were on the same wavelength. I sensed I could do a lot for Gpi. It’s important for me not only to learn about new things, but also do my bit for the company and ensure space for input and improvement. Gpi had all that. In the early period, for example, I saw an opportunity to instil more structure into working practices by identifying all the engineering processes and making these more transparent for the team as a whole.”

Major responsibility

“I have a major sense of responsibility when it comes to the engineering process,” explains Mohib. “We have to make sure that the client gets exactly what they ordered and that all the details are correct. To do this we cooperate closely with the client. But we also have responsibilities in respect of production. The technical drawings must be in place in good time so that the production process can start on schedule. If anything is slightly inaccurate during production, this can have major consequences.” As project engineer, Mohib believes it’s vital to have strong communicative and technical skills. “You have to have a way with people and show understanding. Not everyone works in the same way. I think background is less important when you are eager to learn, be proactive and be open to what others think. For example, I visit the production department to find out what problems they might be having. That’s important so that I can do my job properly too.”

Team spirit

“Team spirit is good at Gpi,” he explains. “There is a positive informal culture amongst colleagues, who are only too happy to help each other out. It’s also important to create time and space to relax in between, that leads to more efficient working. It’s good to share in activities, because we all need each other. I encourage colleagues to spend break-times together and I’m a keen believer in team outings so that we get to know each other better. That smoothes out things in the workplace too.”

Learning never stops

This year, Mohib finally gained his degree in Automotive Engineering and he wants to follow this up with a Master’s in business management. About his own development at Gpi, Mohib has this to say: “On the one hand I bring experience and know-how, but I also know I can learn a lot about tank construction from my colleagues. There’s always something to learn and I need that. I want to learn something new every day. That’s all possible at Gpi, since each and every tank is unique, so every project brings new challenges with it. And the best thing is, everyone is doing their bit to raise Gpi to even higher levels.”

Future dream

Mohib explains how he aims to use his experience and expertise in the future: “My roots are in Pakistan and it’s a dream of mine to start an engineering consultancy in Pakistan at some point. My parents used to take me to Pakistan as a child and I’d see how some kids who lived on the streets had no prospects at all just because of their background. I want to help these people achieve something better. Maybe there’s even an opportunity to do this within Gpi.”